Friday, September 26, 2008

I will Be There (a devotional)

A couple of weeks ago the Serbian team landed in-country.  I like this pic of them taken at Copper because it reminds me of the promise Jesus made after giving the Great Commish. 'I am with you always, to the very end of the age'. 

Now I am not saying Evan (on right) is perfect but he is most likely to play the lead in a Passion play and I think he was the model for the pic of cool Jesus.    

All kiddin' aside there is great comfort not only to the trio of guys serving in Serbia but for all of us.  He didn't just say "Here's something to keep you busy for the next couple of millenniums, send in your monthly stats and I will be back some time when you least expect it." So in turn we say to each other, "Jesus is coming soon... so look busy."  No, Jesus promises His presence not just when the work is done but even now as we help build His Kingdom among all peoples.    

So all year-long  - He is there.
When you are out trying to find others to talk to about Him - He is there.
When you are rejected - He is there.
When in joy you get to led someone to life in Him - He is there.
When you weep over disciples who are considering walking away - He is there.
When you feel lonely - He is there.
When you are sick - He is there.
When you are wondering what the spank you are doing - He is there.
When you are serving the least of these - He is there.
When you dread getting out of bed  - He is there.
When its a perfect STINT day - He is there.
When you & your roommate are arguing over who left the unwashed dishes in the sink - He is there.
When you feel misunderstood - He is there.
When you are at your greatest height of joy this year - He is there.
When you are at the depths of despair - He is there.

He is with you.  Not just some mystically apparition.  This is not just some token forgotten phrase as He saw you off at the airport.  "Dude, I am there for you."  It's a promise.  A vow. A guarantee.  Take it to the bank.  (Oops, maybe not a confident phrase in today's market.)  Count on it... whether you feel like its true or not.  He is with you.

What hope that gives!  What confidence!  What reassurance!  What power!  What joy!  You cannot fail.   He is there!

PS.  Pray for the Serbian team as Brian, Chas & Evan have challenged 5 students - Mico, Dijana, Teadora, Zizi & Johana - to serve on a leadership team with them.  This is not just a committee but they have asked these young believers to function fully with them as the team this year.  Pray that this year will go a long way into helping them see a fully student-led movement in Novi Sad.

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