Thursday, July 31, 2008

Worship at Copper Mountain

For the last two years we've had the band The Autumn Film joining us to lead our (musical) worship times. These guys are extremely gifted, both as musicians and worship leaders. I've really enjoyed getting to know them and I'm certain that you will appreciate the way that they help us become aware of God's presence and worship him. One of the stint objectives is "Love the Lord", which is why we make sure that each morning we have time in the word with Chip and time singing and worship together with one another.

Here's who is in the band:

Tifah, the lead singer. The band was originally called Tifah, actually. But then it got all confusing when someone would shout, "Hey, Tifah" but they were talking to the band and not to Tifah individually, and then Tifah would say "Yeah?" and the person would say, "No, I'm talking to the whole band."

Tifah also plays various instruments, keyboard and guitar mostly. Tifah has a deep love for Christ and it's very clear in the lyrics she writes and the unselfish and Christ-focused way that she leads worship.

This is Reid. Reid plays the... I forget which instrument. Banjo or something? It's unclear to me looking at that picture. Reid always tries to make sure not to look into the camera.

It's Reid's birthday while we're all together in Copper, so be sure to tell him happy birthday every day you see him. Reid is a careful thinker and a loyal friend. You can tell people around him trust him deeply, and in many ways he shows his deep commitment to others and to God in the way he interacts with the band and his passion to lead others toward Christ.

Lastly, we have Dann the Drummer. I think Dann can do more pushups than the rest of the band, and this makes sense because BBC research shows that drummers are the athletes of the music world. Dann has a wacky sense of humor and tries to hide the intellectual books he reads, because it projects an image that is ill-befitting a rock star. Dann loves his bandmates, and he loves God, too. If you hang out with him it won't be long before he is telling you this himself. He's a great guy who wants very much for people to know and understand who God is.

I know you'll enjoy The Autumn Film while we're together in Colorado. They are excited about what you are doing as stinters, and they love to hang out. Be sure to grab some time with them between sets or during the free time.

When I spoke with them yesterday, they wanted to make sure you knew that they've made eight of their songs available for free download (DRM free and in formats for iPod, Zune, or the MP3 player of your choice). Four of the songs are from their latest album and the other four are from the album they're currently working on. So download those and get a preview of the great music and worship we're in for at Copper Mountain!

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