Sunday, August 3, 2008

Global Briefing Conference Director: Andy McCullough

Here's a quick introduction to Andy McCullough, who is running the Global Briefing this year. Andy has the answers to all your questions, in addition to being a wonderful person. If you see Andy wandering around the camp with a dazed, exhausted look on his face be sure to pull him aside and say, "Blessing upon you, good sir. Blessings upon you." Here's your intro:

"My name, as you know, is Andy McCullough. I have worked for Campus Crusade for 22 years now, the last 9 with the Worldwide Student Network where I help mobilize students to help change the world.

I like to read especially history. I like to travel and learning about other cultures. I am passionate about getting others involved in His Kingdom work. I enjoy hiking though I don't get to do it as much with small little boys who want to be carried once they get on a trail. I am married to a wonderful wife named Robin who when I left last year to work with orphans in Africa she said, "you are getting to live my dream". We have three little boys who I enjoy wrestling with: Luke, who turned 6 just a few weeks ago, and twins Jack & Drew who just turned three.

Twenty years ago last month, I was in Kenya on my first international missions trip and fell in love with Africa and Africans. I was so humbled by the hearts of the people I met. I am excited about going back and serving with all of you."

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