Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ephesians 4 with Chip

Chip led us through Ephesians 4 this morning. A few notes:

*Our relationships with one another illuminate or obscure the gospel (4:1-3).

*Our differences are by Divine design -- they grow us up and prepare us for service. Implication: accept, embrace, and make room for everyone to make their unique contribution (4:4-13).

*How we grow to full maturity in Christ -- 3 avenues for growth
1) Relationships with one another (4:1-16)
2) Renewing our minds (4:22-23)
3) replacing old habits with new (4:25-32)

* Chip said, "The only way for us to love one another as we are called to is through Christ Himself." (4:32)

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