Thursday, August 14, 2008

How You Are Feeling

We've had a little survey going in the sidebar, asking the question, "How are you feeling coming in to the Global Briefing?"

Here's how you answered:

1) Relieved to be finally going somewhere.

2) Sad to leave my family.

3) Excited to be done with support raising!

4) Scared of altitude sickness.

5) Hungry. And Tired.

6) Wait -- uh -- am I supposed to be going to that thing?

If I were an amazing guru of numbers, no doubt I would discover many interesting things that would become a best-selling book. I will point out that same percentage of people are hungry and/or tired as the people who are sad to leave their families. I'm not sure what that means.

Oh, and for the ten percent of you who are wondering if you're meant to show up to the Global Briefing today... yes, you are. Better get to the airport!

We've added a link to a new survey at the top of the sidebar. If you'd take a few moments to fill it out, we'd greatly appreciate it!

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